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Vulval dermatology (gynaecological dermatology) refers to disorders of the female genital skin. Conditions assessed and treated include disorders which cause itching or pain of the vulval skin including:

  1. rashes of all types

  2. eczema/dermatitis

  3. psoriasis

  4. chronic candidiasis

  5. lichen sclerosus

  6. lichen planus

  7. genital ulcers

  8. hidradenitis suppurativa

Dr Drummond also assesses and coordinates management of vulval pain (vulvodynia, vestibulitis, dysaesthesia). Lesions (“lumps and bumps”) and pigmentation of the vulval skin are also common reasons for referral. 

Dr Drummond sees women with vulval problems at McKay Gardens Professional Centre,  Turner ACT, and at The Skin Hospital in Darlinghurst, Sydney. She also conducts a vulval dermatology clinic at the Canberra Sexual Health Centre. Women with vulval problems can also be seen at Moruya Medical Centre, South Coast NSW.

Women with vulval problems are given priority appointments.


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Dr Catherine Drummond  is a dermatologist with subspecialty interests in paediatric and vulval dermatology. She is also an Accredited NSW Workcover Assessor of Permanent Impairment.

ACT Dermatology

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